not player, but RIOT behaviour

enough is enough riot! seriously. you will bann me from the forum. but i couldnt get less crap! here is the truth about your handling of the "toxic" community. i play a single ranked. we give all our best. so does the enemy. good battle. at the end. we manage to win. next game. out of the blue...pyke decide to afk walk down mid...5times. after that. he kept trolling the whole game. i still went 3.2.0 but hey. YOU decide your elo. next game. phase rush nasus jungle with literally 0 ganks all game long.0! but what he does. engage all fights in jungle and river to go 0.8.1 meanwhile, top lane is 1.3.0 30 to 100cs. flame how bad jugnle is and keeps going in. 4.12.0 so, you demand us being calm in this scenario. But what will you do riot? exactly. nothing. becasue phase rush 0 gank nasus jungle going 0.8.1 is "bad game". right? riven losing it and keeps fighting and dying is not a decision because she is mad, it is "bad game" seriously. what you expect? you only ban people that complain or speaking out the truth! if someone flame this guy for not ganking and troll picking, or calling out a report. it is nothing but the truthful justice. Even a cry for help! does that behavior help? no, maybe not. But the problem is. do you do something about it? NO! if i tell my support to stop farm 10times, but he doesn´t. call him a troll. i am not toxic. he is! i am just speaking out the truth! you should stop protecting this whiney spoiled kids! facts are facts. so finally do something about people intentionally ruin others games, provoke and troll. If someone call me a son of a %%%%% after i fk up a gank i couldn´t care less. there is a mute button. but if people int a lane for no reason or because someone use a ping 3 times (which is recommended by pros), that is NOT ok! **You have to fight the source of the problem, not the consequences.**
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