Champion select report option

Hi everyone, Very useful suggestion for Riot games. Make report option in champ select. The point here is, as everyone knows, there is the same amount of trolling champ select like trolling the game itself, maybe even more. But the thing is that they get away with it cause a lot of times someone dodges the game and gets queue banned and lose lp, while trollers just queue up again until they get their role. I still don't get that mentality of trolling others when u get autofilled. If you can't autofill from time to time, DON'T play this game. Ok, I get it, nobody like it, but if u really can't play that role u got, kindly ask for swap or just dodge it yourself. But no, they just write in chat " I don't play support" and that's it, end of story. So, if Rito can make an option to report someone in champ select that would help alot. Take care, and let me know if u agree with this one.
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