Ranked games are unplayable.

I wasnt playing for a while, now came back to have some games and after about 20 i noticed is getting worse and worse on ranked games, high plat on euw is such a coinflip where your skill does not matter at all you just toss the coin with 2 options "trolls" or "without trolls" first option = instant lose second win is determined by your skill. The amount of emotionally unstable players ffing at 2 min and opening the game is insane. I see those comments already " pro players can climb " well trust me they cant 1vs9 . This ranked system is broken due to people which troll and riot does nothing about it, let's be serious as long as you don't flame and afk you won't get any punishment for your attidue, i noticed way more LOL advertisments on my recent youtube and i guess that's cause people are just leaving this game, where you can't feel "competetive" anymore as a casual player, cause the rank you're at currently is mostly often just a pure luck with matchmaking. Regards Best wishes to the league, which will never be playable again.
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