Why people are so toxic ??????????????????????

So...recently i was playing games and ppl were toxic............nofthing new ofcurse . I will explain the thing why i wanted to write this down . Sooo i was fiora top , i was 1st pick of all people in that pre-game . Toplaner took tahm , 1st time vs him i didnt know what to expect so i lost my lane at start . Latter i got back with turr and few assists but at that time my team flamed me for feeding tahm ...but what is it my fault he took champ that is strong vs fiora ? + He had last pick i had 0 choices to escape this . Sooo can anyone explain why at this moment everyone turns there toxicity at me ? ................. And why enemy say "good flash" "nice ult" and sometimes "haha" ....That is harrassing but it has never been punished and the worst thing is that this keeps happeneing always +++when your team writes smth like this that is just........ Why u people do this ?? i know there is somone who does this constantly and if u are watching this explain how will this help u ? If u *piss off enemy+ ur teammate* It gives u bonus true dmg or what ??? Duno rly im just here so people read this and try to understand that this is why legue is toxic . All starts from a little yordle than it ends up being 666{{champion:17}} 666lvl and there u go ur every step is a land mine thats about to explode . Do a mistake your team will harass u ,say u are bad just becouse ...........Imagine guys if noone would do this *-* this game would be 10x more enjoyable and friendly . Dont know why riot descided that more premades = more fun........i play sup or any other role i can i get in my team 4 premades who are literly bad at coop while enemy 4 premades coop like chalangers in lcs *-* . One of resons why people get tilted .... Duno but i dont rly like this , i dont have a good pc like 45 best fps at low setings i cant teamchat cuz if i turn skype or any other prog my pc cant handle it , so there is no chance to paly like the enemy premades , they just 4 v 1 me turr and im gone ;/ .... Pls dont hate this is just whats on my mind ....For everyone who reads it all ty for your time ... I wrote this down while searching game (normal) seems i had alot of time ^^ ....10x somone didnt accept afk chech

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