Banned for being flamed?

Hey guys, so I'm a onetrick riven who played season 3 in diamond 2 and then stopped to play for many seasons. Now I started playing again and noticed how difficult it is to carry many division under your average elo (well I might play a lot worse cause I didnt play a long time, but thats another topic ^^) and also that many people hate riven players / onetricks. I literally had no game where I didnt got flamed (yes also those games where you are 15-2 and then die once in a 1vs5 cause you overextended-> "%%%%ing boosted riven onetrick", "classic riven onetrick"). If I lost my lane lane and ask for help (pings) and then after some minutes I said if you dont want a 0/10 riven help top and then they answer: "typical flaming riven player" whats that?. I also often get messages like "%%% riven kid" "all riven players suck" "riven players have no life" "I hope you die". Everytime I reported those guys, I never got the message that they got banned or any kind of restriction. I am playing since the open beta of league of legends (2009) and never had any kind of restrictions or bans. I now got before 3 Weeks a chat restriction for arguing with someone after he flamed me cause I lost my lane , I thought this was so undeserved but was like ok dont argue with people anymore just mute them. So this is what I did in the last weeks. But if you keep muting your teammates you cant read their calls like "all rush baron I push bot" or anything like this. So I tried to get them not to flame me and not mute them (which didnt work most of the time of course) so you have to mute them after 10 minutes constant flame, but it seems like riot see's you as the flamer if you say something like "you are muted kid you flame nonstop anyway" and bans you. It also feels like people keep reporting riven onetrick more than other players (if I compare it to many of my clanmates, who flame nonstop and dont get any restrictions). Also literally everyone that I asked if I was really toxic told me that I was not. Not the nicest guy since I got nonstop flamed, but if you compare the whole league of legends community with what I write when Im annoyed by nonstop flame, im still more nice. Well I think I might have kind of lost the track while writing this, back to topic: Can someone or even a riot member tell me why you get bans for getting flamed? I mean dont tell me you get banned for normally asking your teammates to open if its 1-20 (Yes this is normal in high-elo diamond2-challenger, you see this all the time by high elo streamer or pros, who of course dont get banned at all for this) I mean you can see when your game is lost and you have no chanche to win the game. And since I work 10 hours a day I want to save some time (please dont tell me that you can win any game. Sometimes you might be able to, but when you see everyone giving up and you are full ad vs a rammus with thornmail and 2 infernal drakes and about to get the third then its literally unwinable). If you check my matchhistory ( ) you can see that I'm always trying to win. For all the people that are going to flame me for calling sometimes to open: No im not crying every game to "open mid" that is not looking like a win or going so well. Well here is the chat (sadly just of me since riot never shows the whole game log): So well .. I literally cant tell why I'm banned (14 days) for this chat log. I literally see every day in 8/10 games that I play daily people ,who are worse and I rarely see anyone of them getting banned. Out of the deep graves (hehe graves) of banned players of the summoners rift Pa1nkiller

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