The toxic "kills! kills! kills!" mindset

Or so what i like to call personally. No it's not me complaining about some chat restriction or anything. But the mindset that if someone is an adc or any other champ in the bot lane, the kills has all go to him and the support doesn't get jack shit. I got 1 kill, LITERALLY ONE KILL, because an enemy was very close to escape in recall and i had to Q in cuz i was closer (i was Sona) so we push a lot easier. But nooooooo! The Yasuo decides to leave lane, allowing the enemy to push like crazy and feeds BECAUSE OF 1 KILL. I pretty much tried to explain that it's only 1 kill and we were doing very well and this is what the dude says, "you are support" meaning i shouldn't get any kills of any sorts. Sure, i guess i should have just let the enemy Ashe escape while the ally was too far out to catch out. This sort of mindset and thinking is so cringe and delusional. Yeah i'm tilted and wanted to vent but not because i lost but because this type of stupid thinking is just...I don't even know what word to use. I'll leave that part to you i guess.
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