Opinion about players.

Hello. I'm writing this message to express my opinion about League of Legends ranking system and players. Be aware that I'm from Lithuania and English is my second language so I'm sorry if you find some mistakes. Please take this seriously. I started playing League of Legends about 3 years ago, i wasn't playing very often becouse i was focused on other things like school, but since 2015 my playing time increased dramatically, especially when it's summer now, i can play even more. About 8-10 months ago i started playing Ranked, before i played only ARAM and Summoner's Rift games, but my friend played Ranked and i wanted to play with him too. After 10 games i got my first rank - Silver 1. My friend at that moment was in Gold division. Then i started playing with him and it was fun, we won most of our games, but when we lost, i didn't really care becouse i knew i was not the only one who lost, becouse i was playing with my friend. Then i didn't notice but now i do, that when we lost, 90% of those lost games was lost not becouse me or my friend performed bad, but becouse other players flamed, trolled, went afk, fed enemy team or started surrender votes. I know that you think starting surrender votes or flaming is nothing compared to afk when its 4x5 game or feed/troll, but it's as important as other things that i mentioned before, becouse when you start surrender vote, you already feel that you can't win, can't comeback and that's sometimes is true, but mostly becouse of player giving up and thinking that we can't comeback, but I comebacked a lot of times, mostly with my friend communicating with me and playing while planning what to do. But now my friend is Platinum 4, now he doesn't really play League of Legends that often, he plays something like 1 game a month. But I'm Silver 2, 2 days ago i was Silver 1. Guess why? Becouse of my teammates. You should know that players in Silver,Gold and sometimes even in Platinum, and I won't even start about Bronze, mostly play for themselves, not for team, they don't look at map and most of the time don't even think about helping team, so we need to fight 4x5, we lose. Every game i do my best to win, i try to help my team as much as i can and i try to calm down toxic people and cheer them up, I agree, sometimes that works, but not always. Myself, I rage sometimes too, but when there is really big problem, not anything meaningless. Every game i try to carry and mostly i do good, but my team doesn't so we lose the games. I really think i deserve better rank, i want to get good teammates and win games, get team without trolling, flaming or feeding people, people who play smart and think before diving into 1x5 and then flaming us that we didn't help him/her when we couldn't even do that. I think you should include system that when you get ban from flaming, trolling or being afk in Ranked games that you got reported from, you lose LP. This way there would be less stupid and more smart people in higher ranks. By the way, I know that sometimes I jumped from one thought to another, sorry about that. Thank you for your wasted time on this message that will do nothing :)
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