Solo and DQ players hear me out.

Hi People of the Rift! Hear me out pls this maybe will open ur eyes as much as did for me. I was thinking a lot about DQ and Solo Q this morning and here is what i ended up whit. Its kinda hard to write it down but i will try to be clears as much as i can, so DQ in S6. The system is in babystate yes its awful SURE but there were problems whit the old system as well and the old system had sidegates as well. This is a fresh new system whit lot of missing fetures not even 1 year old after a realy solid system. Its sure bad and favor of premades right now but its still can be changed AND IT WILL EVENTUALY. So does the awful system means we need to be like this as well? I mean there was 5 season before DQ and no there were no premades in ranked, there were feeders or afk-s and feeders(yes i took feeders twice). BUT NOW I CALL U SOLO PLAYERS solo ranked wasnt about only invidual skilll but taking the "wheel" and forge 5 random into a team YES LoL WAS A teamgame even before DQ and lot of ppl tend to fotget that U dont need 3-4 man pre whit voicecomm to BE A TEAM, but times change u can be still a teamplayer as SOLO but u have to share and get better not just in roles or champs but inside urself u are part of that chain that holds the gate. So as u premades are u have comm and nice synergy but U SHOULD NEVER take adventage of it over anyone in ur team. Before DQ in ranked u were a solo or duo as well remember that and make something new from it whit the DQ system u ARE DYNAMIC as well. So instead of things like Badge of Shame show ppl that u are a teamplayer AS SOLO and AS DYNAMIC. Cuz its ment to be the same. IK cuz i hated DQ i hated and flamed every premade i encounter but its just enough, its hard to say but DQ is maybe the future of League i was silver for a life in 3 years in a row and now im gold in DQ as soloplayer. Its just up to "you". PS: MY english SUCKS pls no hating for that anything else COME.:)
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