Got my first 10 games chat restrist for saying go next

I report a ton of players whenever I play for being toxic, I practically never get banned, since I never directly flame anybody, and i never use heavy impact words or ever swear in chat (stream is something else tho). chat logs: Game 2 In-Game Nhirè: why are u buying accounts jarvan Nhirè: guy has 16% win rate Nhirè: 18 lost games out of last 20 (he carried the whole game, either bought a non used high plat acc to have fun for cheap, or gets boosted) Nhirè: geez (every lane started inting) Nhirè: 0 vision score (j4 keeps ganking, nobody wards) Nhirè: go nextr (over tilted) Nhirè: 7min Nhirè: classic bot huh (bot dying non stop, flaming everybody but themselves) Nhirè: classic 1/8 Nhirè: and dying 2v2 without enemy carry using spells (died 2v2, i tried to clean but they had all sums up as well as ults...) Nhirè: go next Nhirè: nautilus tank full hp running away first (the guy's been hiding behind the team whole game while being the only tank) Nhirè: english? Nhirè: whats outrotaded Nhirè: my full ad team with no skills fcked me (the only actual flame) Nhirè: it does hurt a bit Nhirè: being one shotted by a supp also hurts Nhirè: howevr well, considering this j4 has one good game now, its probably his last Post-Game Nhirè: 3k dmg kaisa
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