Please explain...

How is this toxic ? And why i get chat restristion ? Game 1 LynxVision: as you wich LynxVision: wish* LynxVision: guys im learning LynxVision: im not the best lee euw LynxVision: i want to try LynxVision: :) LynxVision: :) LynxVision: gj LynxVision: zhao LynxVision: rekt him so hard xD LynxVision: wtf LynxVision: guys LynxVision: help top LynxVision: just wait ultil you see what riven is LynxVision: gj LynxVision: sorry LynxVision: i feel like this all game LynxVision: so dont cry LynxVision: no LynxVision: actualy no LynxVision: nop LynxVision: i asked help LynxVision: from jung LynxVision: he let LynxVision: top fed LynxVision: riven is hard counter to lee LynxVision: yes LynxVision: and? LynxVision: you dant have a single reason to report me LynxVision: ahaha LynxVision: ok LynxVision: rpeort me for int LynxVision: report me all 9 LynxVision: for int LynxVision: pls LynxVision: ty LynxVision: now LynxVision: you will se LynxVision: how mush LynxVision: im troll LynxVision: xD LynxVision: i lie this mentality LynxVision: you have bad game, LynxVision: its inting LynxVision: xD LynxVision: if you think ill get ban LynxVision: after your report LynxVision: zhao LynxVision: you are pathetic LynxVision: hope LynxVision: is a good thing LynxVision: im not mad LynxVision: mad is our jung LynxVision: nop LynxVision: show me LynxVision: where i was rage LynxVision: or crying LynxVision: gg LynxVision: report zhao LynxVision: for flame
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