Why are you guys so god damn sensible to insults in this game ?

I honestly do not understand. **Let's get this straight:** You are paired with 4 people that don't know you and that you don't know. All you know about each other are the names you chose to play by. One of them insults you. **Why exactly do you care?** He may be a child, he may be a robot, he may be anything. **Why would you care what that random dude on the internet typed on the chat of an online game?** He can tell you to commit suicide, he can tell you to get cancer, he may wish your mother to die. **WHY DO YOU BLOODY F*CKING CARE?** It ain't like it is gonna happen just because he typed that stuff in the chat ! It does not affect you physically in any way and it only affects you emotionally/psychologically if you let it. **IT ONLY AFFECTS YOU IF YOU CARE** **BUT WHY WOULD YOU ACTUALLY CARE?** It is not like in real life where he may have caused you to feel threatened in a physical way, or to look bad in a public place or on front of others, or to show you that he isn't scared of you/to assert dominance. **NO, IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT ON YOUR HEALTH/RESPECT/ANYTHING, AND IF YOU'RE BOTH FAMOUS STREAMERS THE ONLY THING IT WILL DO IS THAT HE WILL LOOK STUPID WHILE YOU LOOK COOL** So tell me again, why do you care so god damn much about this ?
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