New honor system still bad

Well i've been playing with 4 friends every game since honor system came out. I think the new honor system is still shit because of "troll" friends. I've been hard carrying all 5 premade games by having perfect 8-10cs min farm tping bot roaming and getting +25 kills per game every single game and they are all having like +10 deaths and -5 kills. Almost every game they play are with me too so here comes the problem I never get honored by them cause they are trolling me they honor each other and are all lvl 3 on honor when me the one trying to hard carry the games while having fun is still honor 2. You guys may think, well you are just not a good friend of them so they honor each other because of better friendship, but that's not the case they are only friends with me and barely know each other. They met each other cause I got them to know 1 week ago. The fact is that yeah I'm the friend so they just think it's a lot of fun not honoring me when I'm doing all the job.
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