I have 4 permabanned accounts. Did I change?

The answer is no. I still have other accounts that I rage and even more extreme rage than before.. Basically I have no respect for the rules and I won't ever respect them. Why do I flame? Well I cannot describe it since this is a multi situational game with different mechanics.. But I ll put it with an example: - Lets say I play football and I see a guy who clearly cannot defend nor attack and he sucks at passing the ball right? I am gonna give him a tip, thing is in real life they try to get better so they aren't embarrassed after all people respect EFFORT.. BUT IN THIS GAME THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO DEFEND THEIR SHIT AND PATHETIC EGO. - Another example, having a player that never passes the ball, never tries to help you, he is just there to not take the game "seriously".. I mean we've grouped to kick the ball make the team.. and this person is selfish enough to not care about anyone. These individuals come in ranked to chill.. drink a coke, smoke a cigarrete while in his jungle, hope that his team gets to lvl 12 without loosing much so u can teamfight.. Basically they don't bother to win. So players like me often have to 3 v 1, 2 v 1.. deal with the pressure.. That being said, I may be 4/0 and got 2 towers and im playing solo Q.. it doesn't matter whenever I see a person that fits in the RETA*D criteria, I will flame the shaot out of him.. u cannot even imagine the amount of flame they get from me. Sometimes they do feel guilty about it and start playing properly.. then I am nice. But its very rare.. It happened yesterday, like I had this alistar, we were stomping enemy team but it wasn't him who won.. he basically got carried.. and I died several times while him being there, and yes he could save me or help me but he didnt.. so i flamed hard he didn't respond he said sorry. Next thing we are 5 people sieging a tower, i noticed enemy adc top and we just killed someone.. I pinged him atleast 5 times to go in dive, he just didnt.. and in the end I couldn't contain myself, i said GO IN U FU**ING PIECE OF VA*INA BORN WOMAN, and he WENT IN :D:D and we aced them.. > STOP WAITING SOMEONE TO TAKE THE %%%%IN INITIATIVE, YOURE %%%%IN 3k HP AND FOR 30 MINU%%%%U HAVEN:T MADE A SING%%%%NGAGE A SINGLE PLAY UR A %%%%IN SHAME TO THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE thats how it looks usually Will I ever change? No. Do I ever get flamed? No. Probably because I carry most of the time or I am a guy who is making it easier for ppl to win. Or if I %%%% up really bad I will say its my fault. its not like i haven't made bad decisions. I used to be flamed too when I was new. I just didnt care as much as u beta pricks here do
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