Sometimes there are these players....

... that are more than just honorable. Yesterday I had a game as Vayne, I went pretty bad. I wasn't able to dodge a blitz hook and it went all south from there. Even under the tower I wasn't safe, the enemy became too strong! But my support and toplaner were really nice, instead of blaming me for feeding the enemy, they actually understood that I was trying but the opponent was just to strong for me. That was really nice for a change and I felt less bad for doing so horribly. They wished me well on my next game and even though I lost the next game as well, it wasn't going as bad as the game before. The thing is, getting killed over and over in such a short period of time. I couldn't stand under tower, I couldn't farm, wherever I went I died. So I told them I was frustrated by it because I was useless for the team. They told me to take a deep breath and so I did and it worked. Even though I lost the game badly, thanks to my teammates, I didn't feel bad. Bad games happen and I was glad that my teammates understood that. c:
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