Im done with this shit game

So my jg feeds enemy team 0 15 and i get banned, mid lane is 1 9 still i get band, adc leaves the game after falming, still somehow i get band. Another game i get top, jg is asking for trade, i say no cause at this point its my first game of the day, Riot decides thats a bannable offence:Game 1 Game 2 Pre-Game WORLDBraker: no man sorry WORLDBraker: first game Then jg lee asks me how did i got the skin, again in Riots minde thats bannable offence. WORLDBraker: ty WORLDBraker: i bought it WORLDBraker: yea thx.. at this point im 5 0 vs yi top i play as fiora. bot is 0 8 varus.sylas is 0 9 mid me and veigar we try to carry but ofc yi gets feed, varus starts flaming jg starts feeding. and still somehow I GET BANNED. Game 3 : i tell my NASUS jg to get me a dragon again bannable offece Pre-Game WORLDBraker: jg dont troll WORLDBraker: get me 2 dragons and il honor :) WORLDBraker: u done need to gank me just get dragons WORLDBraker: dousent matter In-Game WORLDBraker: naaaaaaasuuuuuuuuuuussssss WORLDBraker: presure dragon pls WORLDBraker: naaaasuuuuussss WORLDBraker: draaaaagoooon pplssss WORLDBraker: no gaaanks WORLDBraker: thank youuu WORLDBraker: thaaaankyou nasus WORLDBraker: honor At this point im 7-3 diana decides i dont need farm on top and unfrezzes my wave she is 1 4 i go 13.4 late game Diana is 1-11 we lose againg, cuz diana decided if she DOUSENT CARRY THE GAME, she can, int cuz it dousent matter.and guses what I GET BANNED. Thank you RIot. clap clap. i get 10 games wining streak then i get matches where there are only lvl 30 20 noobs who can barely click, yet again I get banned. Games rigged, the only way u win games is if Riot decides so,same with ranks, wanna win and get high ello get boosted or start streaming cuz if you start streaming its good for riot and they will throw u a bone (a decent team is solo q rank ) Peace out. F THIS GAME TO HELL{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:4}}
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