"Adopt a noob" - idea for LoL "charity" + social bonding opportunities

First; don't get offended, I am the noob in this example! Just got this idea as recently I've gotten some really nice and friendly plat. player friends. Now, why a platinum ranked player would want to play with a lowly silver scrub I can't understand, but it's very nice to make new friends! And he's given me a lot of good advice and help with how I can improve my playing. Which is much appreciated! It made me think that it would be rather awesome if there was a group of plat. gold. etc, players who'd take it upon themselves to "adopt" silver and bronze scrubs for a while, help them out a bit, teach them some tricks and help them feel better about their games and general performance. It could be a good counter to toxicity, other than us positive players doing our best to always be encouraging and supportive during our matches :) At first I was pretty freaked out about playing with plat. players in my team, because they'd boost the team so I'd risk facing plat. enemies, and being silver I really do not want to face plat. enemies, because I figured I would just lose us the fight. However, the teams seem to turn out pretty balanced, we got a silver scrub or two on our team; so do they. And after playing with him for some matches, I began forgetting about the rank differences and had a lot of fun; plus learning a lot in a short amount of time due to me having to play at a different level to keep up! Most importantly, it's social and it's nice to find encouragment and good moments with others. So, when I some time in the future finally manage to grow past my silver scrub status and actually learn the game a whole lot better, I'll be sure to pass it along, the helpfulness and kindness I've been given. Help my fellow players in any way I can, and do my best to always be a positive influence in the community, like others have been for me. I try to do that now too, even with the limited knowledge of the game I currently have, but I'll definitely do so later when I've learned more and grown more. As for the argument "Why be supportive and helpful when people just tell you to STFU??"; Some people aren't receptive to advice or help, but that doesn't apply for everyone and one bad corn of rice shouldn't make you toss out the whole bowl. I've been very grateful for all the help I've gotten, when it has been delivered in a civil and polite fashion, or with my friends; sorta sarcastic and snarky, but I know it's meant well so I forgive the delivery :P PS I: Several people expressing an interest in "adopting a noob" so look through the messages if you wanna find a "sensei" :) PS II: One of which is An Oxygen Thief (server EUW) on the condition that his future apprentice "listen up!" , another one is F4brisius (EUW). PS III: There's actually a lot of people wanting to be sensai's and adopt a noob now, so look through the list and talk to someone :)

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