Recovering a permanently banned account

I got perma banned on my smurf yesterday. I had said a few bad things many times but not anything extreme. I might have called people "bad", "idiots" and "%%%%%%ed" like 3-4 times over the span of 10 games i died a few questionable deaths in about 2 games that we were down about 20 kills or more, and insulted them after they repeatedly ping or not listening to my obvious pings, asked for ff. But i didnt do racist stuff or worse (I admit what i did is still very bad). I DO believe i should get some sort of punishment, but not perma, please keep in mind I never got any prior punishments on this account. My biggest problem right now is when i submit a ticket i get a reply from blitz bot and when i click request a human nothing happene and my ticket still appears as SOLVED. I can post chat logs but i dont think i need to, I believe i deserve some sort of punishment and i need it tbh but not perma. Thank you all for your help<3
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