I got banned, okey : )

Okey guys i got banned for 14 days, just look, just %%%%ing look please, Game 1 bluefirenb: thx bluefirenb: damn this shen bluefirenb: is %%%%ing bluefirenb: horrible bluefirenb: but has 5/1 bluefirenb: :* bluefirenb: the insults are on bluefirenb: die bluefirenb: sad bluefirenb: ???? bluefirenb: WTF THIS FEED bluefirenb: only once against kog mow bluefirenb: :DDDDD bluefirenb: .i. bluefirenb: ?? bluefirenb: oke bluefirenb: wow thats just sad bluefirenb: as %%%%k bluefirenb: then dont get near him bluefirenb: %%%%k this i deal nothing bluefirenb: i go farm bluefirenb: maokai grow up pls bluefirenb: geez these kids bluefirenb: meh i wont argue, mute will do bluefirenb: somebody is mad : ' ( bluefirenb: jesus these kids bluefirenb: damn bluefirenb: ok? bluefirenb: and? bluefirenb: u get mad over death bluefirenb: ffs bluefirenb: grow up bluefirenb: reported maokai and lee bluefirenb: for flame bluefirenb: muted cya bluefirenb: u cant report somebody for inting u stupid peace of shit, muted from now on bluefirenb: report maokai for flaming whole game ty bluefirenb: report maokai for flaming Game 2 bluefirenb: and? bluefirenb: dude bluefirenb: pls bluefirenb: no bluefirenb: ? bluefirenb: ??? bluefirenb: its just one death, get over it pls bluefirenb: switch lane pls bluefirenb: i cant bluefirenb: win bluefirenb: without bluefirenb: gank bluefirenb: our jungler is practicly useless bluefirenb: he is %%%%ingg constantly under my turret bluefirenb: ffs bluefirenb: gg bluefirenb: im done bluefirenb: we cant win with this egoistic jungler bluefirenb: dont worry he will ' carry ' bluefirenb: at least u re the most useless teammate right now bluefirenb: everybody lost their lane bluefirenb: yes it is bluefirenb: 2 drakes bluefirenb: shyvana bluefirenb: 0 ganks top 0 ganks mid bluefirenb: he is still justifying himself bluefirenb: report chogat bluefirenb: ty bluefirenb: pls report cho gath bluefirenb: he is trolling bluefirenb: to prove some point bluefirenb: yes bcs he has 1/0 nice surfice minded person bluefirenb: i never flamed u bluefirenb: ffs bluefirenb: report isnt flame bluefirenb: pls learn bluefirenb: thats a flame bluefirenb: i will bluefirenb: just bluefirenb: mute u bluefirenb: just mute him bluefirenb: he is ignorant bluefirenb: sivir.. bluefirenb: now he will say i cant 1v5 bluefirenb: and point out the fact that he has 1/0 bluefirenb: witch in his brain means that he is the best bluefirenb: cho dont even worry typing anything, i muted u bluefirenb: and there cho goes bluefirenb: with bluefirenb: half hp bluefirenb: pls report bluefirenb: for trolling bluefirenb: Ty bluefirenb: ty bluefirenb: he has 4 reports already bluefirenb: report cho ty bluefirenb: bad idea bluefirenb: cho is at blue bluefirenb: gg report chogat ty First: If u could read others people text you would understand 10x better, not like this without of context Second: Yes i get it, i do talk and i do argue BUT WOULD I CLEARLY AVOIDED FLAMING AND MUTED THE PERSONS THAT ANNOYED ME, BLOODY HELL Third: I did say some offensive text like twice, I MEAN TWICE IN WHOLE 2 GAMES FOR 14 GAMES BAN Fourth: ITS 2 GAMES AS EXAMPLE FOR 14 DAYS BAN, RIOT PLEASE LOOK AND ANSWER THANKS
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