Implementing a self chat restriction tool

Hello everyone, I am here to talk about implementing a tool that might save many many bans related with bad temper players and in overall improve the LoL environment to make it more enjoyable for everyone. I had this idea chatting with a RIOT admin in one of my support tickets and he cheer me up to come here and share it in forums, so the own RIOT devs could track if the idea ends up to be good. I declare myself as a person with strong character and temper, I'm not really the most toxic player but I can be quite annoying and put too much pressure on my teammates if the things aren't working on well. I've gotten about 4 accounts perma banned in the last 2 years, and the 100% of them are because I am unable to control myself when it comes to write in the chat. I want to win the games, I strongly do, and that plus my temper lead me to be toxic sometimes, I dont troll, I dont int, I dont insult, I dont wish cancer or fuc*** your mom, but again, I do put pressure on my teammates saying things on chat that i could have afforded. I never surpassed Diamond.2 because of this, there is a point between high platinum and middle diamond where I just lose the control and the acc ends up banned soon or later. _**> TL:DR here**_ **All been said, any of this would not happen at all if the game allowed me to restrict myself in settings, making my in-game chat disabled from the client for ever. I don't understand why do we have the option to remove the ENEMY (all) chat but we cant have the choice of doing this with the team chat. It's not a surprise that I win most of the games when Im under chat-restriction, and I wish I could be perma chat restricted forever** This tool would help us a lot, to the ones that really want to win the games, while we get restrained by client settings in order to keep our mouths shut. If you like the idea, please, share. Cheers mates.
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