How not to use /all chat

I'm like 90% sure that I'm not breaking any boards rules by doing this. You don't need to click the links if you don't trust them. I screenshotted every single thing that this aatrox said in /all chat, but I'm only posting a select few. Btw, I removed all names from the screenshots so they aren't witchhunted, as that would go against the board rules and ruin their gaming life in league. [1]( [2]( [3]( [4]( [5]( [6]( So, the story starts. I load in with my premade and there's an enemy aatrox top, teemo mid, renekton jng, thresh supp and viegar adc. my team consists of sion top, ekko mid, nocturne jng, janna supp and yasuo adc. Me and my premade swap lanes as he doesn't want to lane against a teemo. he soon gets killed by aatrox under tower, who proceeds to flame him for buying a skin but having no skill. game continues, I kill teemo a few times, he kills me a few times, ekko is going somewhat even with aatrox, enemy bot lane is getting destroyed, aaand enemy jng is nowhere to be seen. he wasn't AFK, just not ganking. I hit 6 and gank top, helping ekko get a kill on aatrox. he proceeds to flame us all for having to use two people to get him, and how we are such noobs. skip a bit and we are down to their inhib towers. we had herald and have 2 drakes. he is still calling us all arabs, and calling out his teammates positions. NEVER do that, it is griefing the game. he just sits top lane with his build of 6 mana crystals farming, not once helping his team. then he decides to sit in fountain and be basically afk as we had killed him again. we end the game and after he says "tooo ez". 1) never be as toxic as he was 2) don't call out your teammates positions, it ruins the fun for everyone. 3) if you do meet someone like this, I'd recommend muting them so you can play without them distracting you. anyway, have fun on the rift
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