Honor System a failure?

Hey there, before you say anything let me explain why I named the title like that. So as many of us may know, there are already people with honor level5 or 4. I am very proud of our community when you see all those honor levels, **but**! The new honor system is more than "skill system". Let me explain. Especially in my league (Silver) everyone honors the guy who carried the game even tho he was toxic. No-ne honored me for being the shotcaller or our jungler who was tiltproof the whole game. Recently I played a game with an enemy Vel'Koz who was toxic as hell. He called me a tw**, wished me cancer etc. and guess what. He had Honor level5. Don't think, I love the new honor system. I am just thinking that the community needs a better guide for it's usage. Everybody honors only for carrying the game. Anyways, I hope you got my point

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