The Death of League of Legends

Hello there. I was thinking when ppl were talking nonsense that league is dead. But I came to the conclusion that they're wrong. But then I gave more thoughts about this and I realized that the meaning of death can be described at least in 3 different ways. Firstly most people think that dead game means the loss of popularity. Secondly the game itself (meaning terrible updates, simply said the developers don't care about their game). So far both of these conclusions are not correct because that's just not true at least to league. But I simply started to understand 1 thing. And that 1 thing is changes. League has made so many updates and changes that the game has changed so much that we no longer play the same game we used to enjoy. League is dead since season 3. We're no longer playing the same game. Even the old champions are dead and for example some loyal mains of old Galio and other old champs are just deleted like the old league is. I understand that what I'm saying is very controversial and some people may call me dumb. But I think League is dead because league is not the same game we used to play. What do you think about this? I can tell the details why do I think so in the comments if someone is interested. I'm even thinking to make a video and talk how league is dead and what changes made it league to die that way.
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