Some of the most stupid comments I have ever seen.

So I was playing Cho'Gath top in my last game against a Nasus, while having a Eveelyn jungle and Viktor mid. It went well after I got camped constantly from the Sylas mid and Amumu jungle who constantly towerdived me. I asked if I could gain some help since Viktor constantly pushed to tower mid and had nothing to do but to poke down the Sylas or my Eveelyn mid who were always around top jungle to either invade or take her own farm, but I never recived the gank that I wanted even if I used pings constantly to ask for help and typing in chat "Please help" or "Vik or Eve please come top, amumu is top side and readying to towerdive me again". Never got a response from them ever and Viktor instead asked Eve to gank mid cause "I can't beat cancer Sylas" when he already is 5/0 mid with a whole item ahead of his opponent. In the end Nasus Had 1200 stacks and 3/0/8 while I was 0/8/3 (3 assists from tping bot to help). Nasus takes tower and roams mid then kills Viktor to show his dominance. Viktors response was "Nasus so fed, who the hell fed him" like an stupid mid laner always does. I ignore that comment, but then he dies an additonal time towards Nasus and says "Why is Nasus 5/0/8, who gave Nasus 5 kills??". I commented back "Who cares about KDA, look at his stacks". The both Eve and Viktor responded at the same time "NO ONE CARES ABOUT NASUS STACKS, IT WONT MAKE HIM STRONG", this just made feel like actually quitting the game cause they are clearly beginners to LoL, even if this elo is Gold 3+... He and Eveelyn kept dying to Nasus one after another and kept flaming that he is super fed. Around his 10th kill, I ask Viktor if he could stop 1vs1ing Nasus. Since at that point I have farmed myself back to equal farm as Nasus and could help teamfights. He responds with "You were the one who fed him" and such conversation happen, where I started to feel tilted towards them. Cause I haven't given more than 3 kills to a Nasus who got camped. I later asked "Why didn't you help while I was in need of help earlier in the game then?". He responds with "If a player doesn't have a bounty on their head, I'm never leaving my lane." At that point I legit done with the chat, muted both eve and Viktor and reported them after game. Ofc both of them went of a spamming spree after the game in the lobby. 2 block clicks and then 2 report clicks. I'm seriously asking myself right now, how the hell did these 2 get to Gold 3+? Eve was a normal Evelyn 1trick and Viktor was in a "smurf account". But with those comments I'm highly leaning towards bought account instead.
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