10 mins.

Not really sure where to put this, so here we go. I have, like most likely 90% of this community at some point. Been set with a civil service ban of waiting 10 min to even queue up for a game. That's reasonable given that I do have left a few games over a period of i believe a month or two. Outright left and quit the game. That's an offensive to the rules of the League, I get that. Tho I will defend myself by saying those quits were reasonable. If you have a son and gets a call that his on his way to the hospital, you get the heck out there. Game or not. Same with an officer knocking on the door wanting to ask a few questions regarding my neighbors. And ofc a power outage. Now I am ready to take that punishment that's been me given. But, I will say this a form of suggestions to Riot itself and its Chinese overlords. its been like 6 games now where I have to wait those 10 mins to even get the que starting. and I have no idea how many more are to come. That's a bad part of communications. Is it gonna be like this forever now? because of those quits, I did? and regarding that. That's not really a punishment, that's an annoyance. These days when I just wanna play a few games with what little time i have. 10 mins extra to even get the game started is a lot. that doesn't get me to think about what i did. Or gets me "and here's the magic word for you Riot" - Engaged - in the game. That last "your shop" event didn´t make me purchase anything, because i have no idea if this game is gonna take this long to even get started now. Do i even want to engage and then most likely spend money on this game if i am punished by what i consider unfair situations. That doesn't change my behavior, it makes close the game and play something else. Like HoS or something else that doesn't take to long to even get going.
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