Weaponizing reports RIOT please respond

Dear reader, As my name suggests I love to play Zyra, no I am not scripting. That is just clickbait for my twitch account. Not that long ago a Singed support main got punished because he was playing a off meta champion that his team members did not aprove of. He did comunicate with them about his intentions yet he still got punished. I am experiencing similar problems on my main account. I play a support main that likes to roam. When my adc is preforming exceptionally poorly I like to switch to other lanes to snowball them. This way the team has a chance to recover and win the game instead of having 2 players with 0 impact. The only thing required by the ADC is to not all in them and wait for the jungler or me to roam bot again. Sadly some people do not understand this and become extremely toxic about it. They report me for not supporting them and as it seems now they actually managed to get me restricted for doing so because supporting anyone other than your adc is trolling. I would like to know how Riot demands a support player to play. Should a support player be forced to: buy support items, if so which ones and at what point in the game? buy warding totems, how many and when and where do they need to be deployed? stay in botlane the entire game, what if there is a big wave about to crash into midlane and no one there to stop it? stay with adc entire game, follow him into suicidal actions and neglect the rest of the team if the adc does not with to group? Am I allowed to pick a champion that is not specifically a support (Velkoz, Zyra, Annie, Brand, (Miss fortune?!), Malzahar or any other pick for that matter that is not specifically mentioned to be a support) I thought you decided to drop those labels to allow people to go outside of the current meta (anivia used to be primairy mage/secondairy support) Can you please explain to me why you punish me when I actually am playing the role I was asigned to, Support. I support my team and want to give them the greatest possible chance of winning. If that means I have to snowball a midlane Katarina because our ezreal is 0/6 at 15 minutes please allow me to do so. If I chose to not build a sightstone as a first item on Zyra because I prefere the magic penetration for a lvl 6 power spike, allow me to do so. You gave people 2/2 wards, they can use them for vision at the early stages of the game. Dear Riot please stop enforcing the meta on us players and do not take away the fun a 100+ champion pool offers. If you want people to only play certain picks in certain roles and act a certain way please stop adding more champions to the pool, 16 would be enough. ps; when will you start punishing people that abuse the report function? Lowering the report value is a bad idea because some report might be valid. Just punish the eccessive use of this function by giving out a warning, a restriction and a lock. pps; It is against your policy to revert punishments you hand out, please fix the system casting this judgement before you go to a "it say so, so it is final"
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