Are ranked unfair at certain time of the day?

My team: Silver 1, Silver 4, Silver 4, Silver 4, unranked lvl 29. Enemy team: Gold 4, Silver 2, Silver 2, Silver 3, Silver 4. That's not balanced, the question's cos I played so early in the day? this game, the rank and the skill were perfectly reflected. There was flaming from the low ranks as usual too. Specially a Varus mid 4/8 flaming about the support (me silver 1) not warding with the best Vision score all teams and all fighting zones warded as well as one single user can possibly ward. Well I was as support warding, max assists, helping my team, pinging, ignoring the flaming and also max damage, less deaths... So, imho Riot is not that good in maths when player volumes are low. Do you agree? (Maybe they are bad at maths always {{sticker:sg-kiko}} )
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