perm banned woop

Perm banned after 1 game. I do have honor 0, i do have gotten a temp 2 week ban. But cmon, seriously? If i deserve it then my time has come with this game after 7 years. GL HF Game 1 P3nu: okkkey OUTPLAYEED P3nu: ick P3nu: sick P3nu: come mid P3nu: %%%% U SUCK NOOB P3nu: WHY DO IEVEN PLAY WITH MY TEAM P3nu: OH MY GOD P3nu: this is a tilter P3nu: so bad P3nu: muted pings P3nu: %%%% you P3nu: i play 1v2 P3nu: GJ ELISE 2 0 SICK IMPACT P3nu: MAKING LANES LOSE THINKING YOURE GOOD WITH YOUR SCORE P3nu: not helping this %%%got P3nu: pings muted P3nu: cba P3nu: ff 15 P3nu: this game over P3nu: went 2 0 P3nu: now 3 deaths in a row P3nu: <3 P3nu: oehhh i have missed soloque how much fun it is P3nu: just report this elise after thank you :) P3nu: just mute elise P3nu: shes bad P3nu: ignore P3nu: just play your own game okay? P3nu: wow P3nu: NOO PRBOLEM TEAM P3nu: no problem P3nu: just keep this elise out of my face P3nu: and were good P3nu: i will carry easily P3nu: gj making a play happen what isnt going to happen P3nu: report elise P3nu: out P3nu: %%%%ing P3nu: played P3nu: :D P3nu: its the game knowledge outplay man :D P3nu: knowing u cant do shit when channeling P3nu: LET P3nu: THIS P3nu: %%%%ER P3nu: CARRY YOU P3nu: OKAY? P3nu: no need to die man P3nu: np P3nu: y P3nu: dont take shortcut? P3nu: utoo P3nu: try baron? P3nu: unlucky P3nu: mm P3nu: play safe?! P3nu: wouldve gotten a free turret... P3nu: lose? P3nu: u engage without me P3nu: dont get engaged on then? P3nu: play safe P3nu: lose turret P3nu: and let me take turret P3nu: ... P3nu: its not dumb P3nu: to trade turrets bro P3nu: muted P3nu: cancer of lol P3nu: my job is not to babysit you loser P3nu: you have disengage P3nu: gg wp P3nu: report elise and jax for toxic mentality :/ P3nu: TWITCH PLS DONT BE BLIND WHEN THERE IS TRIST44 P3nu: NEEDING IONE HIT P3nu: PLS P3nu: OH MY GOd P3nu: what the actual %%%% were my eyes seeing atm P3nu: 1 hp trist P3nu: and u focus syndra in zhonyas man :D P3nu: ahah :D P3nu: im done rat P3nu: carry this now P3nu: with your bad decisions whole game P3nu: this game P3nu: wasted time anyways P3nu: report elise P3nu: and jax P3nu: gg wp
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