What is it with all these passive support players?

My problem is how most people appear to play support nowadays. I like to play marksman just for the heck of it and 50% my supports are completely passive no matter what champion they're playing. I'm getting Lux support who never pokes with e and goes in much closer range than should very often. Then there are the Soraka players, most of them heal me sure, but they never use their q or e. Just last game I was playing Varus against Jinx and Veigar and my Soraka would just stand behind me doing nothing but a rare heal and letting me do all the poke. No q, no e, no wards, I couldn't farm because Jinx and Veigar were bullying me out of every minion. On the other hand, usually when I got Soraka as enemy support, they always try to hit me with q and other times e, which seems to be the right way to play her and I do the same when I rarely play Soraka. I'm just confused. Did the support playstyle change and become so passive? Do I got it all wrong for thinking a support is supposed to zone the enemy bot in laning phase?
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