Zed Yasuo Jarvan Fight Gimme a Vote please

Hi im yasuo there and i dead by kayn gank after that told jarvan go back because he was low so he can give a kill to Zed.And after my pings he took my 2 wave of minions and wrote enjoy in chat for get me cancer i think. After that i started troll and inting.. You know its a zed against me and gave a kill already and youre takin my 2 waves and you got your whole camps as seemed on video, i can still fck him but why youre doing that? Here is the video what happened exactly, can u say me that what i need to do i just loose my concantrate when he do that shit and didnt wanted to give a win to jarvan even im diamond main and was smurfin in silver elo. So who is the %%%% here? PLEASE DONT VOTE IF YOU DIDN'T WATCH THE VIDEO Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3SRmpkN7Bg İ finished game like 2 -16 dont remember exactly.Just intentionally after he clear my 2 waves, he is even smiting for make me miss them.First wave okay to take but why second?.Im fully opened for your opinions
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