How do I stop being toxic?

Okay so I play LOL a lot, and I'm not one to swear at people or get angry at them for no reason. I will always tell someone gg and complement them if they have done something good, or even if someoen is not doing as best they could I try to give them advice. But it's when people just troll, the people who go around farming for 40 minutes never helping, the people who go for red when our nexus is going down, and the vayne who thinks she can 1v5, these people make me toxic, and I swear a lot in these matches, I'm not proud of it but I do, I really do want to stop swearing and getting mad in these matches because now I am getting reports for offensive language, but how can I control my anger when people just throw the game on perpose. For example, today I was in my bronze 4 promos, almost getting into bronze 3, when in 1 match, I had a vayne who did zero damage and never helped the team at all, and just fed, I swore at her, I was angry, I hate being in these matches, cause maybe bronze 3 match ups will be a little less terrible , then came my second match, I had this support who straight up fed with 17 deaths total, and then everyone else around be was dying all the time and I just got so mad and was swearing. So how do I stop these people getting to be, because I really don't like getting reported
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