Chat restrict is way too harsh

I have had many bans before and on this account i was barely toxic, when i got very heated i got into argument where i did not say anything derogatorry, i was being factual and contented seeing as the opposing side was clearly wrong. When they cannot win the argument they just call me an idiot or other terms and sometimes start flaming in their own language (polish). I have improved so much when it comes to flaming , when someone flames me i just say "reported" , "muted", "stop talking pls" And then after some games i get a chat restrict for 10 days My honor level drops to dishonoured. It takes literally a year to come back to honor level 2, i cannot get any keys or anything. I have to use a skin software so that i can get a skin because honestly i play and feel better when i have a skin on. It should atleast cap your honor level (in my case lvl 2) and not put you down so far down.
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