XD the Rain of bans continues! Got banned for no reason

Ok Riot you got me I am one of them who beg for an unban 1 day before s8 ends. Ths is unreal, i just can not stand this thing anymore you chat banned me for 3 games that happened within 3 weeks where i did not even flame. Ok i get it you want ori skin for you, Well i don't play ori so the joke is on you. For real now can someone help me i have sent a ticket for this but it might be too late for a potential un-ban. Game 1 Lee stayed at his level 2 1 min top and stole me xp ever since i lost lane cause i was ganked. By the time i died for the 1st time he started flaming me all game long even though he did not help me, he was spamming rep yasuo all game. Brand (his premade) sup was flaming for no reason cause he was not so good and wished i get cancer. And i believe me i was calm 100% i dont see how i am the one to blame here. Again i am not flaming not single one of them. It just that both reported me so it did not mater what actually happened or what i said Game 2,3 It has been so long i don't even remember these games but i remember a game when a thresh was so bad he tilted by his missing q's and started trolling, But that was like a week ago i think. And i am not flaming these are ordinary stuff, stuff said by everyone in every game how is this flame? Game 1 Pre-Game laritokouneli: who wants top i want to play someting more chill laritokouneli: adc want to go top? laritokouneli: k In-Game laritokouneli: he will do chickens laritokouneli: take the frog laritokouneli: lee????? laritokouneli: why would u stay sol long? laritokouneli: u ks my xp laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: top lostt laritokouneli: top lost cause u trolled me laritokouneli: u lst it laritokouneli: u denied me lvl 5 laritokouneli: nvm you will never understand laritokouneli: hj lee laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: w8 i thought u muted me laritokouneli: ahahaa laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: i can not 1v2] laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: reported laritokouneli: 1v2 again laritokouneli: jg dif laritokouneli: died 2 times cause of zax laritokouneli: dont ping laritokouneli: le is inting laritokouneli: 0/2 laritokouneli: died to jg laritokouneli: omg u are not smart are u laritokouneli: shhh laritokouneli: well i played 1v2 top laritokouneli: nope laritokouneli: watch replay inter laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: why\ laritokouneli: omg laritokouneli: u dont know the game laritokouneli: ?\ laritokouneli: enjoy ban laritokouneli: u dove on kled and ali woith no vison laritokouneli: and u let them 2v5 uds laritokouneli: nah i rep u laritokouneli: flamer laritokouneli: u have not helped me oncew laritokouneli: non of u laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: wtf laritokouneli: u died 1v5 laritokouneli: u troll laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: u flame ame all game long laritokouneli: no one helped me laritokouneli: while the enemy play like a team laritokouneli: lee ks me lvl 4 in early laritokouneli: never helped top and only flamed laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: flame more Post-Game laritokouneli: bramd lee enjoy ban laritokouneli: flaming 24/7 laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: who flamed u man u re abusing me laritokouneli: and bully me Game 2 Pre-Game laritokouneli: can not play adc laritokouneli: look what i wrote laritokouneli: before In-Game laritokouneli: toilet laritokouneli: let them push us laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: u played that so bad laritokouneli: u died ans u let me 1v2 laritokouneli: no u trolled there laritokouneli: not my fault laritokouneli: heca can u start playing? laritokouneli: u have my report laritokouneli: heca top prem? laritokouneli: u think? laritokouneli: go bot laritokouneli: x9 top inting laritokouneli: why on earth did u pick tp laritokouneli: when u dont use it? laritokouneli: dont laritokouneli: better adc laritokouneli: omg 0/16 laritokouneli: ok he is trolling Post-Game laritokouneli: bb ryze laritokouneli: enjoy ban Game 3 Pre-Game laritokouneli: who wants adc? laritokouneli: ohh can u play mf? laritokouneli: XD laritokouneli: kk no wories In-Game laritokouneli: mid u are in a tough spot laritokouneli: thresh think before u q laritokouneli: u almost killed me 2 times laritokouneli: ok laritokouneli: nice one laritokouneli: hi voli laritokouneli: plz rep sup laritokouneli: he is trolling laritokouneli: go laritokouneli: away laritokouneli: let me farm laritokouneli: plz leave laritokouneli: yikes man laritokouneli: bot lost laritokouneli: this thresh is impossible laritokouneli: to play with laritokouneli: go mid laritokouneli: sup just f laritokouneli: if only u had f laritokouneli: u are the one troling laritokouneli: dont blame me laritokouneli: vision laritokouneli: are u allergic to wards? laritokouneli: u can ss now mid XD laritokouneli: go mid laritokouneli: nah laritokouneli: sup inting laritokouneli: and i got 1v1 by lb laritokouneli: and then u did not focus raka laritokouneli: blue kayn kappa laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: farming/pushing laritokouneli: 1v2 worth laritokouneli: why? laritokouneli: wtf laritokouneli: x9 sup laritokouneli: XD laritokouneli: stayed with 10 hp laritokouneli: illaoi inting laritokouneli: focus raka u idiots and the kog laritokouneli: this illaoi laritokouneli: omg rep mis and up laritokouneli: inting Post-Game laritokouneli: ILLAOI and thresh you were in the wrong team laritokouneli: XD laritokouneli: u tried your best to help them laritokouneli: wp laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: you got a good sup and u think u are good laritokouneli: thresh inted u laritokouneli: legit laritokouneli: watch the reaply laritokouneli: thresh was troling buddy laritokouneli: XD laritokouneli: my mistake was auto filed adc with an inting sup? Ps: correction got 10 days chat ban*
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