Matchmaking of the Century

Hey there Dear Riot Team. This week I had a small project together with a hungarian friend of mine to show him that ranked is unplayable this season. My Summoners Name on EUW is Acri Ich (currently only Dia 5 , normally playing D2,D3). So he gave me this lovely bronze account to prove my theory that your matchmaking is literally broken right now. Some of the matches I could of course manage to handle myself, but overall the performance of my teammates was consistently terrible. You can feel free to check my match history. Some of the highlights included: Talon - Negative Winrate (8-9) [img][/img] Match History - There are several screenshots of my match history I would like to share at this point to further add on to the theory that the Matchmaking since dynamic queue is unmonitored + completely out of hand. I have no idea which part of development was messed up. But , to make you understand the situation a bit better , over the course of 30 games all I managed to achieve was getting from rank bronze 3 0 LP to bronze 2 on like 60 something LP. It just gets me worried to see that riot is so careless about his playerbase and unrewarding, I mean playing ranked these days without 2-3 premades is literally like queuing up with an easy bot , especially on EUNE where like I said , Riot gives (and sorry, but that was the entire point of the project) 0 fks about what is going on. it is literally unplayable in a solo scenario. Further Screenshots of ridiculous games (Keep in mind all this footage is from 20-30 games, so it is literally happening EVERY odd game) : [img][/img] [img][/img] For any further details , you can check the match history of the EUNE Summoner "Csapos" and you will find alot to giggle over. So yes, I do not request anything whatsoever, this is not my job. I just want to raise awareness to the people that are struggling eventho they consistently perform above average , it is not your fault anymore that you are not progressing , you are basically just being played with right now. So yea, let´s appreciate the ARAM summoners update , so finally Howling Abyss makes more sense to play then summoners rift. Touchez riot games. With alot of Disgrace, Acri Ich
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