A new approach to the toxic players

Hello summoners! Yesterday I recived a reform card which showed me I got permabanned for negative behavior on my last two games. I dedicated my attention to become a reformed player after my 2nd 14-days ban. I think it’s irrelevant, I show no anger for the banning system, but after being cut to dishonorable, it just got worse, and I’m the guy who tries to understand this game’s logics. Let’s think it this way, you put someone in jail, then after he gets out, you show him no compasion, just more judge and harsh punishments, harder to level up in honor(which motivates players in the first place to stop this negative attitude) and getting banned without a chat suspension and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the guy who wants his account unbanned, it’s my behavior, I accept my punishment, after being permabanned, you are permabanned, it’s the end of the road. But the system is making toxic players worse, and toxic players shouldn’t be banned, they should be reformed, normal people who has problems in real life which led to their attitude in league, is it wrong? Yes. But showing no compasion, only harsh punishments, no strict warnings which would tell them if they are very very close to a ban or something that really makes a difference, either from fear someone will stop negative, either from seeing that he can do better. It’s a hard life hit to get that kind of perma suspension, when you enjoy the community and you get banned from it forever, it’s somehow a life changing failure. Really appreciate your attention summoners, my point is, you must think it in a psychological way, drug addicts won’t stop taking drugs if you cut their drugs, they’ll just crave more, but instead, if you give them drugs not so frequently, in the end they’ll get used to less substance so they crave less, so they accept the addiction and in the end it might be gone. Banning someone from a community instead of trying to introduce him with the good people is wrong. I really tought about all these things and somehow I knew after these 2 14-days suspension that I’ll get perma, 200-300 games no flame, no negative, yet my last 2 games in which I was obvious tilted, got me perma. And perma is a hard meaningfull word. I hope you understood my point of view, no compromise with the flamers, yet educate them, keep them updated, often punishments, which are more annoying then a ban, like waiting for an eternity before being queued, chat ban which makes you feel like an uneducated person, chat ban in game after showing negative behavior, etc. You name it. I think this is the right approach to this subject. Think about me as a person who understood what I was doing, I educated myself, from searching help in the SUPPORT(awsome people btw!) to searching: How not to get banned in league? On youtube; and yet I’ve been banned, my loss is league as a community, a man like me can’t start again after loosing the community which is leading in a nice direction that made me so emotinal, but I think the bad approach to the toxic players is: PUNISHMENT over education and compasion(often punishments are more meaningfull then rare and dramatic punishments). A system that bans you over and over for higher times would’ve still been better then perma. In real life such kinds of radicaly punishments are hardly questionable. Have a nice day summoners! Me as a summoner, I’ve been exiled forever from Demacia and from the Summoner’s Rift. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} Now, after I’ve ended my speech there is something DARK I wanna share with you, and this is the most important thing you’ll have to read if you are toxic and you enjoy league atleast half as I do. The real deal is when you’ve been permabanned, you usualy think about league, you are usualy exicted to carry your new friends, or try something new. But this is already gone, your normality is distorted, league is a little or bigger part of your life, new friends everyday, satsifaction from being good, variety, finding yourself in this variety, excitement, sport, order..... IT IS GONE, it doesn’t matter anymore, this community doesn’t want you anymore because you couldn’t follow the rulles, fair enough, but yet so hard to be exiled from your proving grounds. A part of you is shattered and there is nothing you can do to revoke it. Me, Mugurele as a summoner, I wasn’t honorable enough to remain in league. Don’t follow my example because exile hurts so hard you would wish to turn back time, there is no more faith for you, youu had your shoot, and you failed. So if you are toxic, analize your attitude, do whatever you can to stop being negative, and instead turn all this negativity into battle cry and carry your team through the flame to the nexus and to the victory! <3 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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