Please don't be one of those people...

...who cry for a gank in all caps for five minutes straight, then miss all their CC when the jungler comes and proceed to go "/all pls report this fking noob jgl". Junglers aren't there to babysit you, regardless of whether you are winning or losing your lane. A jungler has no obligation to help you snowball, nor to stop an enemy from snowballing if _you_ fucked up in lane. Is their jungler camping you? That's great! Play defensive and make him waste time! It gives _your_ jungler an opportunity to secure objectives elsewhere while their jungler is ineffectually sitting in a bush. Did you die in lane and/or your opponent has a significant CS advantage? Play passively and farm as much as you can, and ping like crazy whenever they go to roam or teleport. Did your jungler feed your lane opponent a kill? Easy now. You're probably angry at him (or her) for giving your opponent an advantage, but _don't. Flame._ Chances are that it was an honest mistake. Point out what he did wrong _calmly and factually._ Did your jungler "steal" a kill from you? You're probably angry at him, but calm down. Chances are that he was trying to help you by applying additional CC and didn't think the damage would kill, or just thought you wouldn't be able to get it. Point out to him that you don't need the extra help he gave you next time, and it'll be all good. Do any of those things, but _don't. Flame. Your jungler._ It will only make them angry and/or pissed off at you which a) makes them less likely to gank your lane and b) increases the chances of them misplaying due to being distracted by their anger (which is _your_ fault, by the way). It's a lose-lose scenario for you, so just don't. Sorry guys, just had to get that out. Rant over, have a great day! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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