The New Player Experience in LoL (14 days suspened, here's my story)

*suspend, can't edit title I started playing about 1 month ago, created the account 2-3 months but stopped playing. First time I opened the client, extreme fps lag because of all the pointless animations the client has (can't turn them off, got higher fps in the game than in the client). I unlocked RUNES. Every single day I logged out, the next day my runes would reset, I literally know my rune pages from my memory, topics made about it, devs seem to ignore it. I have severe lag in 5v5's but I serach for some performance increasing videos for lol and get a decent fps in games. I play with my friend 5v5's while we're on discord chatting, the league party voice creates unimaginable lag in the client, in-game it doesn't really but I prefer discord and so does my friend. After a couple days of playing my ping rises to about 300 ms, I thought it was my internet but my friend was hearing me just fine and I was hearing him just fine as well. He also had ping issues in some games and the same story, heard him ok on discord. The matchmaking in this game puts DBD's matchmaking to shame because it's so bad. The enemy team triples my account level, not even gonna talk about the smurfs. In some games I reach 1600 ping, I find a fix, by reconnecting, my pings starts dropping, not instantly, 50 ms per second or so. My friend finds a bug of his own, the client doesn't start the game for him, so he gets reported for being afk and gets the low priority queue. I find a fix for him as well, before he had to restart his pc, and it would take a while before he'd get into the match. I told him to close the game from the task manager, it worked and he no longer had to restart his pc. Unfortunately I didn't find a fix for my runes getting reset. I doubt I ever will. Weeks pass by, same bugs, only I level up and get close to level 30 (picture of me being excited to play ranked where I thought I'd play with people that aren't trolling and are my level or close to it) Yesterday I reached level 30. I bought 450 BE champs to get quickly to 20 champions so I could play. First game I'm mid, my runes are switched to my support runes for some reason and I have to play like that, I manage to not give free kills but the enemy team gets ahead and I lose. Some hours go by and I play again, this time I play thresh supp, my ADC loses a lot of farm and their ADC gets ahead of us, we didn't feed but our turret was heavily damaged, we get flamed by our TOP, he calls us feeders and types /all report bot. slick408: report botlane for what slick408: being %%%%ing countered? Game 1 In-Game slick408: report botlane for what%%%%ick408: being %%%%ing countered? slick408: our junglers doesnt DO ganks The jungle%%%%d plenty of opportunities to gank our lane but he didn't, in fact he didn't spend 1 minute on bot the entire game. Mid/top (don't remember) gets invaded by bot while I'm at base buying items, he says "thanks for ss" or something like that. I also tell him to place wards so he's more likely to survive a gank. slick408: wasnt even there slick408: np slick408: get your wards together yasuo My ADC is low hp, he stays and doesn't recall or fall back, I'm at half hp. slick408: fall the %%%% back We get hammered, our first turret drops, I get angry. slick408: coming bot jungler? slick408: once in %%%%ile slick408: like a 20 mins Our Yasuo gets angry. slick408: 14 year old yasuo player We get called feeders again (I was 1/2/?, can't remember what Xayah was) slick408: our jungler didnt do %%%%ing shit for us slick408: feeder 1/2 We get called feeders once again and I tell the guy "kiss your sister" or "ki%%%%our self" slick408: %%% slick408: %%% As we're losing the match, we keep arguing slick408: your lane was a noob slick408: we got straight up countered To m%%%whatever the%%%sult is, it's still an insult but from what I heard "self-harm" has a priority on LoL's insta ban list. slick408: %%% I mistyped and told him to put his elf out of his misery. slick408: ky slick408: kill your elf I had no prior warnings that those 3 dreaded letters will get %%%instantly banned 14 days, in solo queue people don't get punished but in ranked they apparently do. If this game wants a non toxic environment why would they punish a guy for calling a troll a degenerate but not punish the troll himself? Not to mention all the ping bugs and low priority queue crap me and my friend experienced, they all build up and they have to be released, especially when you're losing and it's not because of you. Now I can't play for 14 days because I said to some random guy on the internet to kill himself as if my word is law. Nobody cares about online insults, we are all behind a monitor. This is my experience with League of Legends, I might not have the average pc, but I play other games on very low graphics and my machine pulls through. My friend has no fps problems, just ping and crappy bugs. The "Enable Language Filter" option is useless in my opinion.
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