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Essentially here is the problem, as a community we are known for insulting and blaming other people on our team. I don't usually have a problem with this however since the start of this year I have been having a constant flow of negative input in my games, this is mostly due to the fact that my season 7 performance was far superior to that of season 8. This results in me having any comments comparing my rank of before with my current rank, and my win rate from last season with that of this season. This season so far i have had a win rate about 35%-30% and for this I am constantly being harassed and told that I am '100% boosted' or asked 'how much did your account cost?'. If I were to receive these messages every now and again I would not mind, however, when it is a repetitive flow of annoying false claims it starts to take its toll. I am now on a what seems to be permanent tilted downstream. Thus I have not only stopped playing for some time but i have on many occasions wanted to stop playing as a whole. I do not think it has to be like this, yes you can tell me 'just mute them' but that is too easy, i cant just go around muting every 3 nice people for 1 toxic player... In addition even if they do not realize it refusing to take responsibility for their actions is making them lose the game, so if I don't hear it it will still make us lose.... In addition there is no reason for statistics like this to have to be public, I realize why some people may want to display their statistics but it should be a choice, not a decision taken in charge for everyone at the same time. I personally believe that changing the system that we use for statistics could vastly improve the overall behavior of the average player. Or at least the attacks would not be personal anymore. Thank you for your thoughts and ideas, _Coolelf(EUW)_
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