Why cant we report players for pure idiocy?

First game after i got home and already on edge bc of interns at my work. Then there are these 2 monkeys who have the best idea ever to pick pantheon and talon mid while i already pre-locked shaco for jgl. I asked them both kindly to pick a tank/apc on wich they both gave no reaction untill the midlaner said: **im a OTP yasuo and i only play ad champs, ap champs are for girls** I was like: Girl you need jezus A.S.A.P. But in the end of the day it doesnt really matter but i just wanna point out that people can sometimes be truly stupid. (i reported both pantheon and talon because they were also flaming and blaming me and the adc and i just received a report feedback message saying that one of them or both were punished)
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