help if i will get banned or not

Hello every one . today i was playing like every day . i started palying with my friend some flex game we got in the champ select and 2 duos picked jng and i was jng they takes smites and he said im jng first ( it's flex ) . we got in the game he went take blue he and his firned they are bot and i was taking red SOLO ! cuz i think toplane too his friend and it he stayed like that for whole game i say to chat pleas report him ( udyr) and he said report jax for toxic idk what i did for him but he is mad when we finished the game ( won) he was level 17 and i was level 15 with 161 farm in 30 mionutes games and he was 211 i said in chat report udyr for taking my jng farm and then he said report jax for toxic i said to him what did i say to you for toxic and renek say you said you licked his moms ***** and udyre say injoy then ban i hope he get banned and pleas teach him . His name is ( Iwillcuckyall ) ew west player my name thekingoftunisa ewset player
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