AFKers Should lose 100lp OR drop a division if chat/history suggests intentional quitting

Hi, after losing multiple games in a row because of leavers it has made me think about the overall effect of AFKers and how that effect should be reflected in the punishment they should be given if they are found guilty of leaving a game on purpose. Basically, when someone leaves a game, and it becomes a 4v5, that game is *virtually* lost for the team containing the leaver. This means that, the game goes from being what should be a "50/50" percent change of winning to roughly no chance except very rare cases where the 4 players totally outclass the 5 opponents. Anyway, my point with this is that 4 other players lose LP as a direct result of this. Mathematically speaking, losing a game on your average MMR of your division would equate to roughly 20LP, 4 x 20LP = 80LP. When added to the 20LP the leaver loses, that means 100LP is lost in general, and the 4 players who worked hard in a previous game for that 20 LP each are worse off because someone couldn't be bothered playing the rest of the game (for whatever reason). As the only thing people play ranked for is climbing, and rank is gained/lost with LP change, I think it appropriate to apply that in the punishment as an "Eye for an Eye" sort of policy, as opposed to the current punishment system currently in place. As a completely proportional number, a loss of 100LP (or a division if you will) being deducted from the player who left would equate to roughly 4 extra losses, one for each loss they caused for each member of their team they left to play a 4v5 against. Does anyone else agree? Am I being too harsh with this? Let me know what you think because I think the current method of punishment for AFKers/Leavers is too lenient and thus not enough in order to deter future offences. Thanks for reading.
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