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**TL;DR** Is it possible to get the honor level 5 rewards if your account has been banned in the past. Long version; I'm 99% sure I recieved 3 punishments on my account so far, and have been playing league for 1,5 years now which means the account is as old as that. 2 of my punishments were effectively chat restrictions and my honor and rewards that came with it taken away(from free key shards to loading screen flair flair all the way to that awesome Graves skin everyone got if they behaved). And my third more serious account punishment was an 14 day ban, at which point your account is fully taken away from you till those 14 days are over. My question though.. With this track record, is it reasonably possible to get honor level 5 with this account, and things like my flair and rewards back? Its my main account and would hate to give it up simply because the chances of me reaching honor level 5 +getting my shiny things back are slim to nothing.

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