Rage Quitters, Trolls and Toxic players in my recent return to league...

In all fairness we've had our good games, bad games. Matches that have been lost by your own mistakes or mistake of others. Upon my recent return to league and climbing the ranked ladder slowly and painfully. Forced to pick auto-fill because when ever I choose my desired role, matchmaking throws a curveball at my face in the form of the title of this post. Recently a match went on for 50 minutes. Horrid start but we were pulling it back. Blue buff was sat innocently there as I approached as ADC an decided to take it before the next team fight started. Now it's late game, full build an blue buff died pretty quick. Now our mid laner pings blue as it dies. Decided to burn their summoner spells and ragequit. All because of a blue buff 50 mins in when the next team fight would of won the game. They sat in base an said ''enjoy the loss'' ''why steal my buff'' When they didn't even use the blue buff for most of the game. It blew my mind. Promotion Games. Premade French(They both spoke french in champ select an partially in game) people get top and mid. Die 3 times exactly at the same time in game, then sit in base at the spawn. Burning summoners using emotes and ultimates, laughing an generally destroying everyone elses promo game. General Ranked Games. These players i'm sure you're all familiar with at some point. They've had a bad game mid an you try help by suggesting wards or safer play and they respond with verbal abuse. Or Someone dies on your team, they throw verbal abuse at that person Lastly They die an it's everyone elses fault an we should all pay for it.... I've tried reporting after games an it just doesn't seem to work. No message pops up saying thanks an that this person has been punished. An you know it's not the first time they've spoke like this as they've done it loads before. Do they need to be reported 3 times after one match to have action taken against them? because they'll just do it to the next load of games an make it unfair on others.
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