Im scripting its official and reports stack

A few days ago(i think 2 or so) i got told 2 times in a row that i was scripting(first in an aram as vayne where i didnt get hit by any skillshot in teamfights but well they didnt use them well and it was diamond vs silver :/ after the told game the enemy evelynn and 2 other players spammed me(in game only evelynn did) that i was a stupid scripter and only got to diamond by doing that. The they said enjoy your ban , where i asked why i should be banned when im not scripting. They just said 3 reports from us are enough to ban you ... Like wth why do they think im scripting when 1. i got hit by skillshots rather often (mostly out of fights tho) 2. the stuff i dodge is predicatble af (riven ult/eve ult etc) and why do people still dont know their stuff about the punishment system??? 1. reports dont stack 2. a report doesnt warrant a punishment itself missbehaviour does 3. scripting bans aret done in waves Well the other game was a basically flawless gangplanl game where i played the sh*t out of myself (like rly i dont even play gp but that was clean af with 1 death only and 10+cs/min) tho the enemy yasuo once again accused me of scripting His reasons: My w was up to often(8sec cd due to 45% cdr) My kegs had to much range I dodged to much my dmg was to high In the end the enemys were rather low elo so it somehow explained my performance :| Why do people stay so uneducated and rather start blaming the enemy for using scripts than looking at their skill or at their own? Also i rather laughed it off especially since eve and yasuo said i got to dia by scripting/boosting service Well for the people who read this here have some sweets {{item:2052}} {{item:2052}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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