What really happens in ranked

-------------You would think that your game is competitive. You would think that your game is "the better team wins " kind of game. But here's the thing --------------Most of the games lost or won are due to Afkers, trolls, or people who purchased accounts and have no idea what to do. --------------There is no competition involved. I've had games where i made my counter in lane go 0-7 and ganked the hell out of bot and top. but guess why I lost because: we're suddenly 4v5! there goes the game. ---------------No matter, lets queue up another game and forget that ever happend. this time i killed my lane and their jungler decides to camp me. No problem i ll ward up and deal with the pressure.. hope my team wins while i m holding 1v2. Yea right manwhile in botlane my team is 0-13 and lost the turret. then i get collapsed on and have to give up my turret. and we just lose cause well one lane lost too fast before i could get any type of advantage. ---------------oh well it's a team game no problem. let's go queue up another game oh wait nope another afk better luck next game. ----------------Next game we're all even and of course my team is the one that makes the mistake that loses the game. ---------------I know what to do: I have to pick a champion that can hard carry team fights! (Even though it won't be fun) yea sure! and i have to dodge the games with the wrong team comp and after checking on op.ggs to see if i have any trolls on the team! now i'll deffinitly win! first one dodged, second one dodged ... 3 years later ok this one looks good i won't dodge...........................AFK!! demoted Fml
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