What could almost make you flame, even if you're by rule not a flamer?

I handle losing. I handle flaming. I handle people playing crappy, the universe knows I play crappy from time to time too! After all, still just a lowly silver. What I hate, what really makes me angry, is the quitter attitude. Like this aram during the weekend. It was going fine, I was playing Miss Fortune and got really, really fed. A few of the others on the team got really fed as well. We were pretty much cleaning table and at the point where everything went wrong we could get down those towers. But, two of our teammates, who hadn't gotten as fed, but weren't feeding either, decided 30 minutes was enough to bother with, and said "surrender or afk". Obviously, the rest of us being fed and knowing we could win didn't want to surrender. So they went afk. What was at that point a sure win, considering we had been kicking their butts in the tfs, turned into a loss, as being fed didn't help much when our tank went afk and the enemy team still had all theirs. All I said was; If you aren't going to finish the game, please don't start one. You are ruining the fun for everyone, and it's not fair. But I wanted to yell. Not that often I get Miss Fortune in Arams and can really kick ass (AP MF is hilariously OP in aram and so fun to play!) so annoying to lose the game because two of our people decide it's okay to go afk just cause it lasts longer than 20 -30 min. But yeah, that's probably one of very few scenario's that make me pissed enough to ALMOST give people a solid dose of my opinion. So, what makes you angry? If anything at all :) (Small side-mention: I also sometimes fail resisting talking back at people flaming my friends, although I try to just shut up, tell my friend to ignore it and report the person after the game.)
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