Diamond Ranked Players are Special!

I recently made diamond. I've been playing in this league for approximately 23 games now and wow..... its opened my eyes a lot. Ive played 99 games in total and have 70 wins and 29 losses. In those 23 games in diamond I've had 15 losses and 8 wins. I wish I could say they were well deserved losses. I haven't flamed or been aggressive as I know it wont help to win. I give pointers in game and attempt to roam as much as I can from mid lane. My concern is people don't want to play. Why is this a thing now? The slightest inconvenience and they either leave, start walking down a lane or give up. People who don't get their primary roles troll. People who don't like the match up, troll and the most common thing afking after they give up first blood. My last 5 games this has happened every game. I understand I can try to carry and negate the effects of others but it is incredibly difficult if its every game. I went from being one game away from a promo to diamond 3 to now having to start it all over again. Why do people get into games knowing full well they have no intention of playing? I understand its the end of the season and people aren't trying as hard but that's why normal queues are for right? . I was told to play during 'Office hours' are there are less trolls, if anything I've experienced more. What can I do to counteract this? I expected players to have a modest understanding of the game once I reached diamond. If anything the knowledge of the game is eclipsed by players ego and the attention span of a sloth. Any suggestions are welcome please help! Thanks M
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