This game is unfair.From a player that play this game for 5 years.(semi rant)

Dear Riot employ and not that much dear players, today i finally know that this game is totally unfair by any means and that matchmaking system of league of legends is fail from his very beginning at his core.This system is not synchronised with the idea of online arena 5v5 style game(league of legends = summoners rift), and punishes players for doing good in game and having better skill than other players.Matching this kind of dedicated players with semi dumb elementary and high school kids is by any means disrespecting and offending them(not only ranked games but also normal games). And i am not even gonna mention extreme lack of JUSTICE for those who intentionally dc and afk and extreme lack of REWARD to those who keep playing 4v5 , 3v5 2v5 and 1v5 games. Overall you are just greedy company trying to draw some $ from kids and totally negating game and human rights and with smile on my face i have to say that i am done playing your stupid g@me. videogamedunkey was right after all, if i listened to him back in 2015 my life would be much better ok bye

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