Trying to be positive, but getting reported for asking questions

Pretty simple game: - Mid, top, jungle are all feeding and raging pretty hard. - I am carrying botlane as a support (yes, I am, no, not making stuff up), so eventually because of me carrying botlane, we get the winning hand in botlane because my ADC also ends up having a kill or 2. So, I decide not to flame (because I want to know whether I can actually win more games when I am positive, so far the 'did you know' is not working for me, but w/e), but after a while my ADC decides to back in a bush which has been warded, I see this and ping her the bush is warded 2 or 3 times, only to see how she gets grabbed and blown apart (while I am trying to save her). When I ask her, and I quote 'Can I ask why you recalled in that bush, even though I pinged you they had vision there?' she decided to flame me and blame the other feeders, me asking her the following, and I quote again... 'What does Lee Sin his feeding, have to do with you recalling on a spot where they have vision, even though I informed you that they had vision there?', only to be told that I was going to be reported. Our midlaner told me to 'stfu and play jesus' and that I was 'trolling'. When I asked, and I will keep on quoting 'What am I doing that's considered trolling? Tell me so I can change that part' I got told I was just trolling, going to get reported and I had to 'stfu'. My question: Why isn't my positivity gaining me any elo, my effort to improve, not gaining me any elo, and above all, why am I getting reported for trying to be positive? In matter of fact, i've seen my teammates become even more abusive when I am positive, unlike the times when I would actually tell them how bad they were (in bannable language) only to finally have them shut up and I could carry them (on already banned accounts, this account I decided to create, so I can could try to be positive :)) Any tips and tricks? Thanks! :)
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