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Dear Riot Games, I am an avid played of League of Legends I nearly spend all day playing just League of Legends with my friends having fun. I also spend about $10 a month alone on the game. After finding out I could check how much money I have spent the combination of my main account and my smurf account to a total of: $650.66 I have been playing league of legends for 4/5 years. 4 years – $162.665 per year – $13.5554166667 a month. 5 years - $130.132 per year - $10.8443333333 a month. I would just like to say that I am that dedicated to the game I spent that amount of money within 4 or 5 years. Considering I am at the age of 16 now. That would mean I would've started around the age of 11 or 12. I was first introduced to the game by my uncle who was the age of 14. As soon as he told me the champions and the abilities I remember playing pretend as Kennen. And when playing in a pool I would pretend to be Cassiopeia. League of Legends has had a huge impact on my life. If I didn't end up playing it; I don’t know where I would be. I have made a ton of friends over this game. I know it doesn't justify my actions on the fields of justice or my previous actions such as the 2 week ban and the chat restrictions. I have seen more toxic players wishing Cancer upon my grandfather as well as my own mother. I also know that most of the player have slept with my mum the way they put it. I know what you’re saying now “those players will be reported and justified by their actions.” That may happen. But what you seem to do is read only the chat of the reportee. As in my chat when I said “you are stupid* actually” I was correcting Ahri’s grammar as a joke. As I was losing the lane I felt more and more useless within the game which effected my gameplay style as well as my negativity towards other players within the game and that I severely regret I had collected almost all the champions apart from 3. I wanted to try to get all of the champions by the end of the month but that sadly cannot be done at all now. And along with all the skins and content worth of **$511.08** to be lost. And now that content is unusable and I am unable to use the skins and champions I love. Diana and her skins along with my lvl 5 champion score with 98k points with her. As well as all the legacy skins that I cannot use or obtain any more. All this falls under theft after taking all the money I had contributed towards the game. It may not be counted as theft in your eyes. Because it does say that you control all of the communities account and you can do whatever you want with them. As well as I gave you the money for skins I wanted. But since I can no longer access these skins if all falls under theft as you have taken my money and I have no gotten anything out of it. Yes I got the skins but now I don’t. So you have taken again - _**$511.08**_ – worth account and I have no compensation for this. I hope to hear from you very shortly. Yours faithfully Xenomorph2231 - XENOMOPRHKILLZU
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