I got chat restricted because I had afk Jungler. He litteraly just walked around and intentionaly lost the game, because he (quote) "doesnt help noobs". :D Game 1 In-Game Jerion: just come Jerion: yasuo go mid Jerion: i duno why you wasted w before Jerion: and all because heca was too noob to gank Jerion: for what? stating the obvious? Jerion: he ganked? O.O Jerion: call BBC Jerion: mute hecarim? :D Jerion: Then gank maybe? :D Jerion: then you going to see a realy fed Draven :) :D Jerion: i dunno.. you are int loosing Jerion: thats reportable ;) Jerion: kay mr pro :D you are playing even worse :D Jerion: udyr made 6 kills and has more farm Jerion: than you Jerion: mr pro Jerion: mr i died for a kill on mid :D Jerion: ali no r Jerion: STOP PINGIN ON ME... i get 400 ping on each ping Jerion: GANK NOOB :D Jerion: how many pings you need to come bot finaly? :D Jerion: THEN WHY YOU DONT COME??? Jerion: i see... cuz you definetly are not helping yourself Jerion: ff and report hecarim Jerion: and these players are the ones who cry in forums that they hard stuck silvers cuz of bad teams :D Jerion: boosted 100% Jerion: report heca.. he is trolling on purpose Jerion: you are not feeding only cuz you dont do anything Jerion: ofc we die.. its 4v5 Jerion: i swear to god, i hope he gets banned Jerion: tnx for pinging.. i told you that pings spike my ms Jerion: you just ruined it Jerion: wp Jerion: you couldnt be more trolling at this point Jerion: atleast im playing unlike you Post-Game Jerion: report that hecarim Jerion: so trolling Jerion: he refused to help because he doesnt help noobs Jerion: WE HAVE CC Jerion: WE CAN SHUT HIM DOWN
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